Life isn't a single modality, so why should your workout be any different? 

Fithouse is a new take on the traditional group fitness concept. They are more a gym replacement than a supplemental class you'll take on top of your gym membership allowing you to mix and match classes depending on the day and your mood. Their class offering spans HIIT training, cardio, yoga, dance, and more. 

What really stood out to us at Fithouse was the instructors. We linked up with Mark Ribeiro for the event and saw first hand the passion behind the Fithouse brand. As with all things, it's easy to tell when someone is working to live or living to work, especially as it relates to fitness classes. In our eyes there is an inherent difference between running a class and instructing one. Instruction is about leading people to break down barriers and learn new things about themselves. This is how you get better.  

Our event with Fithouse demonstrated the power of instruction. Helping others to not just get it done, but to understand what they're doing and allow them to replicate it going forward. 


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