Bulletproof x Tone House

Our takeover event with Bulletproof and Tone House brought new meaning to phrase working smart and hard. For those who've never been introduced, Bulletproof is one of the leading nutritional companies focused on helping people perform better, think faster, and live better. Bulletproof has been a pioneer in commercializing bio-hacking techniques through it's research, development, and studies. They are most widely recognized for their Bulletproof Coffee, a blend of black coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT ("Brain Octane") Oil. With the recent boom of Ketogenic diets, Bulletproof Coffee has become a staple of the industry.

While I have not personally adopted a holistic Keto diet, MCT oil is a staple of my morning routine. For those who don't feel the need the go all in on the coffee, I'd recommend taking my approach of mixing a serving of Brain Octane with your favorite protein powder and water. The mix not only satisfies morning hunger, but provides a clean energy boost through the afternoon, which, as a sleep deprived founder, I further boost with black iced coffee. I've made my morning protein/MCT mix a morning ritual for the last year and have seen a massive improvement compared to foods or other supplements I've tried. 

Continuing the introductions, welcome to Tone House - or otherwise known as NYC's hardest workout class. The class is designed to mimic training techniques utilized by professional athletes around the world. With that said, the class can be taken by athletes of all levels looking for a serious conditioning session. I think what truly sets TH apart is the group atmosphere. It's the only workout in the city that truly feels like a group - something reminiscent of my era of high school and collegiate sports. 

Check out photos below for some action shots from the workout. 


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