Yoga Dan x RYU Breakfast Club

Yoga + Hyperice Roller = Sproga

We teamed up with Yoga Dan and RYU to host a Sproga class in Preview's private lower level training area. Sproga is a completely new take on the traditional yoga class. Blending Asana and Pranayama yoga flows with vibrational foam rollers from Hyperice, the class focuses on resolving underlining issues in our connective tissues.

For us, the class showcased how new technologies can be integrated into traditional techniques to enhance the benefits of both. Specifically, the Venom roller from Hyperice was incorporated in and out of the yoga flows enhancing the overall depth of our poses and overall muscle activation in the process. Conceptually recovery devices such as Hyperice are often seen as requiring standalone routines to achieve their desired effects. In reality, it is the cross application with proven techniques that can be the most powerful. 

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